Types of dreams


Wishful dreams

You dream about something you want to happen. If you do this you will increase the possibility to get what you want. What you want to happen can come emerge as symbols in your dream. If you for instance want to get rich you might dream that you are lying and looking up at the sky.


When you dream you are more alert about your intuition, and it will therefore be easier for you to prophetic than when you are awake.  If you dreamt that something might happen to you, and you did not like this, you must try to change the future by being careful.

Predictions in dreams can happen in different ways. You can dream about something that might happen just the way you dreamt it, or what might happen can show itself through symbolism. If the dream seemed unrealistic it most probably contain symbolism about what might happen.

If you had a dream like this you can ask your dreams to show you how you can avoid what might happen. 

Probably the most well known example of a predictive dream is Jane Dixon who dream that John F. Kennedy would get shot. After this dream she became one of the most famous fortunetellers in the USA. 

Reoccuring dreams

A reoccurring dream is dreams you experience many times. This type of dream has a message you must try to find out of. This can be a strong wish from your side, a problem you have not solved, something you must do differently, that you must change your personality or that you must act differently towards others. If you have these dreams it will be useful to have a dream diary, so you can see if the dream changes and find out if you make any progress.


This is a very common dream. Here are the most common reasons for a nightmare:

  • Nightmares can be because of noise when you are sleeping.
  • You try to solve a psychological problem.
  • It can be the remains of a bad experience.
  • It can be a conflict between how your life is, and how you want it to be.
  • You punish yourself for something you have done.
  • You do not use your energy correctly.
  • You have eaten too much, or used drugs.
  • You are afraid of something.


What you can do to prevent nightmares:

  • Try to find out what the dream means, and what you may be doing incorrectly in real life.
  • Try to change to the better.
  • Say ”I will not have nightmares tonight, and if I do will a friend help me”, before you fall asleep.
  • If you think the nightmare was because of noise, wear earplugs.
  • Do not eat or drink a lot before you go to bed.
  • Do not use drugs.


The brain is playing

You might experience dreams about very strange things, something that seem completely unrealistic. It does not need to mean anything else than that your brain is playing.

You are learning

You might dream about something you have seen or heard during the day, often in connection with something else. You are repeating this in your dream so you remember it more easily for the future.

ESP Dreams

You dream about something that is happening in real life, at the same moment you dream about it. You can for example dream about an accident, and when you wake up the next morning you hear about an accident. This kind of dream has become more common over the years.

Lucid dreams

This is s dream where you are half awake, aware that you are dreaming, and therefore can control what is happening in your dream.